Galerie - atelier De Weezenplaats

Galerie - atelier De Weezenplaats is located in one of the most beautiful places on Texel at the foot of the Hoge Berg. The monumental farm was rebuilt in 1847 and was in the possession of the orphanage in Den Burg. Since 2016, it has been purchased and completely restored by Wil and Hélène Steenhof, and the gallery and sculpture garden have been created next to the fine residence. Here you will find affordable figurative bronze statues with a story made by Hélène. The various bronze birds, as well as butterflies and other representations, are spread throughout the sculpture garden on sturdy consoles made of Belgian bluestone. Inside the gallery you will find many bronze statues, both human figures and animals. The sculptures are made with love and passion with a lot of detail for finish and appearance. In every work Hélène puts her feelings and life experience. She often notices that people become emotional about her work, the connection that arises with people through the images is a great compliment. You can visit Gallery - atelier De Weezenplaats without obligation throughout the year by appointment: tel. +31(0)6 22188715 or mail: De Weezenplaats is located on the Doolhof-Skillepaadje, bicycle junction 42.


Doolhof 3

1792CM Oudeschild

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