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Museum Galerie RAT

  With a visit to Museum Gallery RAT you step into a different world. You are more than welcome to come in and stay a while, to let yourself sail along on the power of imagination in a parallel universe.   Maria Roelofsen RAT entails a continuous exhibition of work by Maria Roelofsen. On the island of Texel she looks for washed up materials. She finds beauty in these discarded pieces of wood and plastic, and makes them into sculptures, reliefs and light objects, turning the waste of our oceans into art. Influences from different artists can be recognised in her work, such as Picasso, Miro, Dali and the painters of the Cobra movement. The nature of Texel is another influence on her art. Maria has a view of life similar to Jan Wolkers, a well known artist and writer who lived on Texel. She combines vulnerability and humor in her objects. All sculptures, reliefs and light objects by Maria Roelofsen are for sale.   Goossen Karssenberg You can also take a dip in the various designs of geometric patterns created by Goossen Karssenberg. He is an expert in the Islamic geometric design tradition, a fascinating subject which brings together mathematics, (ancient) culture, design and visual arts. Goossen knows this tradition firsthand: he went on several trips to Iran, studied mosaics on mosques and tombs and now designs new patterns himself. In Museum Gallery RAT you can admire drawings, mosaics, puzzles and books. For workshops and lectures on the theme of geometric patterns, please contact Goossen Karssenberg.   RAT Recomposed Art Texel Seemingly, the work of Maria and Goossen has little to do with each other. However both of them are in fact doing the same thing: recomposing existing forms into something new and inspiring. That is the basis of the Museum Gallery RAT. Hence the name: Recomposed Art Texel. Alpha meets beta, organic meets abstract, and old meets new. This is reflected in the various collaborative works that are on display.   Opening hours Open every week on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm. Admission is free. Visual artist Maria Roelofsen and geometric designer Goossen Karssenberg are usually both present and often seen at work in the studio. More information can be found on our website.


Burgwal 20

1791 AJ Den Burg

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