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Het Quelderhuys is located in the center of De Cocksdorp and uses locally grown food as much as possible. In doing so, they give new value to superfluous products that would otherwise end up in the residual flow. Circular meals, take-aways and fresh packages A true delight: from souvenir to local meal. Het Quelderhuys offers delicious daily fresh dishes (breakfast, lunch and drinks) that are all vegetarian in principle. If you are a meat eater, you can add meat in different variants. In addition to the dishes on the menu, the fresh produce department also offers various local products such as take-away meals and fresh packages. There is also a nice range of real Texel products. Influences from nature Just as the salt marsh was created under the influence of the tide by deposits from the water on the border of land and sea, Quelderhuys owes its existence to the island products that are supplied by the flow of the seasons. So drink a delicious Texel coffee with (seasonal) pastry from our own kitchen and enjoy a delicious meal in the cozy restaurant or on the sunny terrace.


Kikkertstraat 19

1795 AA De Cocksdorp

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