Kunstenaar (ZOUT) - Rodri Wolters

Gerrit Wolters has been working as an artist under the name Rodri since he was fascinated by the molding of various materials. His studio/workshop is located near De Cocksdorp. Rodri's work In addition to the shape, the texture of the surface is also important to Rodri. According to him, you should be able to feel images. Much of his work has an organic structure, created in a process of letting go, the material forms, the maker intuitively follows and adjusts if necessary. The Kunstboet Together with Greet Swabedissen, he started the Kunstboet at Schilderweg 194, a breeding ground for art. The Kunstboet shows work by 6 different artists. By appointment (via +31625226970 or you are also welcome in his workshop (on Texel, near De Cocksdorp) where his work is also displayed.


Emmalaan 66

1791AV Den Burg

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