TexelEnergie supplies sustainable energy, electricity and gas to businesses and households on Texel and throughout the rest of the Netherlands at competitive rates. Our company is small-scale but solid, so we can give you, the customer, the attention you deserve. For Coöperatie TexelEnergie U.A., you are not a number: we know your name. The lines are short and you can rely on rapid, high quality services. TexelEnergie does not just buy and sell renewable energy, it produces it too. We are constantly on the lookout for new options for responsible, affordable ways of generating energy, and we support sustainable ventures.  CooperativeTexelEnergie’s business status is quite special: we are a cooperative. That means we have members and do not work for profit — so we don’t have any investors or shareholders demanding their cut of the profits. All we have are members who are committed to our company and who support the interests of our company with their memberships and feedback. You can become a member for as little as €50. This will give you a right to a discount on the energy rate and a share in the company. You will be invited to attend the annual general members’ meeting and can help decide on our policy. Coöperatie TexelEnergie U.A. is your cooperative. If you would like to join, apply now and enjoy the advantages straightaway. CustomersPerhaps you don’t want to be member, but would like to buy renewable energy? That’s not a problem: we’d be very glad to welcome you as a customer. Just apply to TexelEnergie. We will arrange the switch from your former supplier to our company free of charge. If you have a business connection, we would be happy to draw up a customised quote.If you have any questions, please ring us on +31 (0)222) 31 49 39 or send an email to info@texelenergie.nl.If you would prefer to speak to our staff in person, please visit our customer service desk, open from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to midday. If you bring along all the details of your current energy supplier, we can, if you like, arrange the switch immediately. Our address is Emmalaan 66a in Den Burg (in the left wing of the VVV premises).


Emmalaan 66a

1791 AV Den Burg

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