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Texelse Zeehonden Tocht

Seal Watching Journeys - Experience the best day ever Enjoy the fresh air, feel the breeze, breathe in the sea air, enjoy the speace, peace and the seals in the Wadden Sea, a World Herritage Site. With our boat ‘TX25’ we make a trip of one hour to the seals, witch are located on the east of Texel. Once we are out of the harbor of Oudeschild you find yourself in another world. Just enjoy all what you see. The skipper knows everything about the area and will tell you whatever you want to know. The seals are used to our boat and often watch curiously around when we arrive. The seals rest with low tide on the sandbank and they lie in groups. When we are at the seals we give you plenty of time to see the seals and take pictures, because of their curiosity they often pose for you. Journey to De Bollen During our trip we have enough time beside the sandbar. On and around the sandbar often dwells a large group of seals. So you can see how these amazing animals live in the wild. Special journey to De Razende Bol Additional to the ‘Zeehond’ is a journey of 1,5 hours to De Razende Bol. This pristine sandbank on the south of Texel is more than worth it.  Just off the coast and yet in the middle of the sea. Here we take a look at the seal colony, witch established itself here. De Razende Bol is a place where seal like to come. We give you a 100% guarantee the seals are there.  Our boat 'TX25' can accommodate max. 12 persons. While sailing you can enjoy the sun on the back deck and streaming gulle might just come and say hallo. On out comfortable benches you can overlock the beauty of our unique Wadden Sea area. You can also stay in the cabin. For each passenger there is a lifejacket present and there is a toilet on board. Your dog friend can come along free of course. We expect your dog the behave on board towards other passengers and dogs. Reservations: 0031 (0) 6 308 29 308 Tours fill up quicky, make sure to book eraly.  With low tide we offer the ‘ 1 hour trip’. With high tide we offer the ’Special journey’.


Haven 8

1792 AE Oudeschild

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