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Cycle junction network at Texel

Do you want to enjoy cycling on the island? Which can! The cycle junction network on Texel consists of 57 junctions. Along the way, 16 information panels have been placed and you will find a recognizable sign at every junction.

How does it work?

The cycling network couldn’t be easier to use: just follow the signs from one numbered junction to the next. With Texel’s cycling network, you choose your own route and distance. 

Information panels along the route and the map of Texel give the numbers of the bike junctions. The distances between the junctions are listed on the special Fietsknooppuntenkaartje (bike-junction map), available from VVV Texel and other outlets.

Your personal route

You can also use this system to plan your personal route in advance. Simply choose the junction to start from and then mark out a route online, using the map of Texel or the ‘Fietsknooppuntenkaartje’ bike-junction map. Make a note of the junction numbers in the right order and you’re off – just follow the numbers. Enjoy the trip!

Tip: remember the number of the place where you began your cycle trip, so that you can finish back where you started again.

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