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Detoxing on Texel

28 December 2016

Exercise more, eat less, stop smoking … these are just some of the New Year's resolutions people set themselves in January in a bid to become fit and healthy.

However, we all know that these good intentions are often forgotten before too long. Having said this, there's one New Year's resolution that's easy to achieve and that gives you the opportunity to lose those excess kilos you put on during the festive period and start the new year feeling fit ...

... come to Texel!

Texel - the biggest of the Wadden Islands - is the ideal place to 'detox' once the festive period is over. A short stay on Texel is all about relaxation, down time with the special person in your life, long walks on the beach and exhilarating bike rides in the great outdoors ... the ideal place for a fit start to the new year!

Detox checklist

The best place to relax and start the new year is Texel. Use our Detox checklist and 2017 will be a great year!

Wellness on Texel

The island's beauty salons, massage salons and saunas are all on hand to help you achieve true ‘Wadden wellness’. You can even treat yourself to a unique Woolness treatment, which involves relaxing for half an hour wrapped in real Texel sheep wool. Enjoy the surprising effect of the wool bath and emerge from it feeling completely rejuvenated.

Alternatively, how about a yoga session during your stay on Texel? Sukha Texel, which you will find on the edge of the De Hogeberg nature reserve, is the ideal destination for yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and coaching are your thing. The Sanskrit term 'Sukha' translates literally as 'good space'. This is also the right place for anyone wanting to experience what it's like to stay in an authentic yurt! Accommodation on Texel with wellness facilities

How about opting for a holiday home or hotel with wellness facilities? See below for the very best detox options.

Holiday homes with wellness facilities

Hotels with wellness facilities

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