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January is the month for winter birds

Where birds are concerned, the month of January is very similar to December. During these months, the winter birds stay in the place they chose to settle after their autumn migration.

Birdwatching in January

There are lots of geese in Waalenburg wildlife area. Tip: use binoculars to look for groups of geese because you might spot a black brant or pale-bellied brent goose among the group of brent geese.

Smews, a species of duck, like to live in the area around Prins Hendrikzanddijk. But you also spot them in the Horsmeertjes. A fun fact: smews like to breed in black woodpecker’s nesting chambers.

Of course, gulls are found on the island all year round. The largest colony has settled in close to the dunes between Pole 12 and Pole 15, where more common species of gulls are joined by yellow-legged gulls, Caspian gulls and glaucous gulls.

Colourful birds 

In January, there are regular sightings of the lesser spotted woodpecker in De Dennen. And every year, the hooded crow returns to Texel for the winter, but they are becoming rarer in the Netherlands. We hope we’ll see them on the island again this year.  

Bird-spotting excursions

If you would like to know which birds visit the island this winter, why not join a bird-spotting excursion. An ornithologist will be your guide and teach you how tell one species from another. 

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