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De Koog weather report

Is it the weather to go to the beach or are you going to browse around in the center of De Koog? View the current weather forecast for De Koog here.

The sun shines more often in Oudeschild than in the rest of our country. Texel has an average of no less than 2046 hours of sunshine per year, while the east of the country has to make do with about 1500 hours of sunshine.

The weather on Texel

The difference is particularly noticeable in spring and early summer. The relatively cool water of the sea around Texel means that fewer clouds build up over the island in the springtime. Often, you might be enjoying the sunshine on one of Texel’s beaches, while “across the water”, the sun is hidden by cloud. Thanks to our webcams, you can check the weather on Texel at any time of the day!

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