Corona measures on Texel

Letter to Texel-visitors prior to visit

TESO, the Texel GPs, VVV Texel, TOP and the mayor of Texel have prepared the letter below together, for Texel visitors to read before their visit.

Dear Texel visitor,

Thank you for visiting our beautiful island! Residents, entrepreneurs, general practitioners, TESO ferry, VVV Texel and the municipality of Texel welcome you. We would like to continue working with you on a safe and pleasant holiday destination. We hereby inform you, prior to your stay, about what we do and request from you.


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Buy your boat ticket online before departure at You will also find the current timetable and the measures in force on this website. The face mask requirement also applies to buses on Texel (‘Texelhopper’). More information about public transport on Texel:


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  • Try to plan your visit at less common times
  • Do not queue in front of stores that are “full”, but come back later
  • Many stores have longer opening hours or deliver to your temporary home
  • Do not let a visit to a terrace or restaurant last longer than is reasonably necessary, so that others also have the opportunity to enjoy
  • You are not allowed to cycle in the shopping streets of Den Burg and De Koog


Our care is currently organized differently:

  • The GP practices are only accessible by appointment
  • Health complaints are handled by telephone as much as possible. If possible, call your own doctor on weekdays
  • If you are unsure whether you should see a doctor, you can call to discuss this by telephone
  • If you are seriously ill, if there are urgent complaints, please contact one of the GP practices by telephone (see VVV website), or the GP post during evening / night and weekend hours (+31 (0) 222-321143).

General advice and vunnerable groups

  • We ask vulnerable groups, people over 70 years and patients with underlying conditions, to adhere to the measures. Also consider them on the street and in establishments or institutions.
  • Do not go on holiday if you have recently developed medical complaints and / or if your family is obliged to stay at home due to a (possible) infection.

Sources for current information

  • The TexelMap app has been developed by VVV Texel. A spreading app on which you can see whether it is too busy somewhere, so that you can responsibly decide where you are going on Texel. Download the app for free:



  • Information about a Safe Responsible Stay on the island, including telephone numbers and locations of the five GP practices? Please check
  • You can find any new measures by the government or the municipality, which may restrict your freedom of movement during your holiday, at
  • Do you have complaints that fit the Corona virus? Stay at home, or in your vacation home.  You can be tested via the GGD. To make an appointment, call 0800-1202  (or from abroad +31 850 659 063).  More information:

And last but nog least

The measures are not always fun and have consequences for all of us. But do not forget that these measures aim to stay healthy with the greatest possible freedom of movement. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We wish you wonderful stay on Texel.

On behalf of, Mrs. Josine Blanksma, on behalf of the Texel GPs
Mr. Cees de Waal, director of TESO
Mr. Frank Spooren, director of VVV Texel
Mr. Michel Gregoire, Texels Entrepreneurs Platform
Mr. Michiel Uitdehaag, mayor of Texel

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