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10 May 2012

'Stone sculptures on Texel' Exposition

On the 18th of May at 2 pm at the little church in Den Hoorn, Texel astronomer professor Kees de Jager will open the Stone sculptures on Texel exposition by artist Ton Kalle. The exposition is free of charge and can be viewed until the 21st of September 2012.

Exchanging stones
Ton Kalle has been visiting Texel for the last 40 years. With each visit he discovers more boulders. Fishermen find these in their nets. You could say that these boulders are brought to the island by the sea. At the same time the Dutch organisation for Public Works and Water Management transport basalt to Texel to protect the island. In other words, boulders are taken from the sea but some are also returned.

The exchange of these two types of stones is a theme in Ton Kalle’s art work. Therefore, to mark his 30 years of sculpturing, the artist picked Texel as a suitable location to hold his jubilee exposition.

The exposition consists of two parts:

  • Star signs
    Star shaped sculptures were placed at the base of the Texel churches. Here, there is no interfering light, which makes for perfect star gazing conditions. "Additionally, church steeples emphasise the upward contact with the sky in more ways than one", says Ton Kalle.
  • Landscape scultures 
    These art works are spread out over the Texel landscape. Their shape, title and influence are in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

4 weeks of carving at the Hoge Berg

From the 10th of June until the 10th of July Ton Kalle will be working on the Hallerweg at the Hoge Berg. Here he will talk to you about the process of using boulders to make a stone sculpture.

The Hoge Berg (high mountain) is responsible for the formation of the northern part of the Netherlands. This hill is in fact a build-up of erratic boulders, pebbles, sand, and above all loamy soil, formed by glaciers back in the Ice Age. This soil is firm and compact. With the force of the sea current, the outline of the Wadden Sea and its islands was first shaped. In other words, the shape of the Netherlands can be largely put down to the formation of the Hoge Berg. 

Bicycle trails

Two bicycle trails have been mapped out for you to visit all 25 sculptures. 
The sculptures have interpretation panels, which can alternatively be obtained digitally.
En route, star and landscape sculptures succeed each other.

The trails can be found in the 'Stenen beelden op Texel' flyer, available from the VVV Texel Tourist Information Centre.

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