42.242 reviews on texel.net!

Texel Tourist Information received its 42.242th rating today! And we think it's time for a party. In fact, we think every review is worth a party. We greatly appreciate that after his or her vacation everyone takes the trouble to leave a review on our website.

An average of 8.3

These 42.242 assessments together provide an average assessment of an 8.3. That means that the more than 1.600 accommodations and the service that VVV Texel offers through texel.net are highly valued. Did you know that one in three guests who book through VVV Texel leaves a review?

Review on texel.net

We consciously choose to show reviews that are no more than four years old. In this way you can assess the quality of an accommodation over the course of a number of years. Do you think a high score is important? You can filter the reviews on our site from high to low in the accommodation overview.

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Do you also want to help others choose the right accommodation for the vacation? Then leave a review on the accommodation page afterwards. If you have booked via VVV Texel, you will automatically receive an email after your holiday with an invitation to leave a review.

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