A big day for Texel

Texel is a real bird island. No fewer than 380 different bird species have been spotted in the wild on the biggest Wadden Island of the Netherlands so far.

Texel Big Day

National Park Dunes of Texel and Texel’s bird information centre (Vogelinformatiecentrum Texel), in collaboration with the Dutch society for the protection of birds Vogelbescherming Nederland, are organising the Texel Big Day. Teams go out for a maximum of 24 hours to see as many different bird species as possible.


The Texel Big Day kicks off the Wadden Islands Bird Festival (11 and 12 May 2019). The birdwatching race starts at midnight on Friday 10 May from Het Eierlandsche Huis community centre and finishes at midnight on Saturday 11 May. The team to spot the most bird species is the winner and will receive their prize on Sunday morning 12 May at 10:15 am at holiday park De Robbenjager.

Want to follow the teams?

No problem! You can follow the teams via the app of Waarneming.nl. With this app you can see which team is in the lead, what bird species have they seen and what species haven’t been spotted yet. This makes the Big Day even more exciting!

Take part?

You can sign up for the Texel Big Day at bigday@npduinenvantexel.nl No team, but still want to take part? Let them know, if there is sufficient interest, interested parties can be brought into contact with each other.

The organisers challenge participants to raise a minimum of €250 for the chosen cause. (€ 50 is used for the organization of the Texel Big Day, all other donation money is fully used for the Dune birds such as curlew and tapuit).

Click here to see which teams have already signed up.

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