New exhibitions at Museum Kaap Skil

Have you seen the latest exhibitions at Museum Kaap Skil, the maritime and beachcombers museum in Oudeschild, yet? We have listed them for you below:

Atelier S.E.A preview

Have you heard of the S.E.A (Science Encounters Art) art project? The artists, scientists and locations where these S.E.A works of art will be shown from June to August 2019 inclusive are introduced in this exhibition at Museum Kaap Skil. The Atelier S.E.A preview runs until 15 May 2019.

The shipwreck of De Pieter Anthony

You can also admire the exhibition of the ‘shards’ shipwreck at Museum Kaap Skil. In 2005, divers came across a shipwreck full of shards and other things in the Wadden Sea. It is most likely the Pieter Anthony. The exhibition displays the recovered shards from the ship that sank in 1822. It runs until 31 October 2019.

Tip: Did you know that you can visit a mini Kaap Skil exhibition on the TESO ferry? Museum Kaap Skil is exhibiting several items in the display cases of the lounge deck (North Sea side) of the ms. Texelstroom until July 2019.

Check out our calendar for a full overview of open museums and exhibitions.

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