Texel Gin aan het strand op het terras Stokerij Texel fotograaf Stefan Krofft VVV Texel

New on Texel: TX Gin

Since November 2015, Stokerij Texel, the island’s first distillery, has been a hive of activity. Now, five months on, the first 250 bottles of TX Gin have been released.

Texel’s own gin

The distillers at Stokerij Texel use surplus seed potatoes of the Langeveld family to make spirits.

The processing of a surplus good into a valuable product is nothing new. Many farms used to have their own still, where surplus potatoes or grain would be processed. Homemade spirits would keep farmers warm during the cold winter months and what’s more, also brought in quite a bit of extra cash.

In that respect, Stokerij Texel is a new take on an old tradition. From the start of the company, the initiative has been met with enthusiasm. There is appreciation for the sustainability principle and praise for the use of local ingredients in the gin such as sea buckthorn and elderflowers.

TX Gin by Stokerij Texel is available at all wine shops on the island and is already on the drinks menus of many hotels and catering establishments.

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