Brandweerauto aan het blussen natuurgebied VVV Texel

Smoke and fire ban in nature reserves

Due to the persistent drought, heat and wind, the municipality of Texel draws attention to the increased risk of wildfires. That is why the Commission has decided to immediately introduce a smoking and heating ban in forest, dune and heather areas on Texel.

Avoid fire

To prevent a natural fire it is now not permitted to smoke or burn in the forest, the dunes and the heathland of Texel. The ban is in force within a distance of thirty meters from the nature reserves.

Stoking a fire is also prohibited. One smoldering cigarette butt is currently enough to cause a major wildfire. The Texel municipality's advice is: be extra careful with barbecues, fire pits, campfires and the like, do not smoke in nature areas, do not park your car in high dry grass and throw waste (especially glass) in the designated bins.

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