Corona measures on Texel

Opened locations on Texel until May 20, 2020

19 May 2020

This page will no longer be updated. We would like to refer you to the page Corona measures on Texel where you can find all current information.


Last update: Tuesday 19. Mai - 09.30 AM

Healthcare service

  • The doctor's practices remain open for essential (emergency) care. It is not possible to come to the practice yourself, you are always requested to contact us by telephone first. People with respiratory complaints are requested not to enter the Texel Pharmacy.
  • General practices now only treat patients who do not have respiratory complaints and / or fever. They try to handle as much as possible by telephone and only when physically necessary to see patients.
  • For tourists, they contact their own doctor as much as possible in case of health complaints. Only if physical assessment is really necessary (eg suture wound or if his own GP thinks it necessary) can he / she report by telephone to one of the Texel GP practices.
  • Patients with respiratory complaints and / or fever: these patients also need to call their own GP in the first instance, only if they deem it necessary that the patient is seen, patients can be seen at a central "cough consultation hour". To do this, first contact one of the Texel GP practices.
  • The above also applies to evening / night / weekends.
  • Contact general practitioners: for urgent purposes, a random number from one of the Texel general practitioners can be dialed. For Corona-related questions, the request is to first call your own GP and the GP can then contact a Texel GP if the patient needs to be seen.


  • TESO continues to operate the sailings according to an adjusted timetable, the timetable can be found at TESO ferry service requests that vehicle occupants remain in the vehicle as much as possible. Cyclists and pedestrians are asked to spread as much as possible in the salons. Extensive hygiene measures have been taken on board. The ferry service will not go out of service.

Public transport

  • You can still travel with the regular bus and Texel hoppers, unless you have complaints or are of fragile health. For example, people with a vital profession or people who are forced to travel for other reasons can continue to use public transport. This applies in any case until May 20. Read more about the measures in public transport here. 
  • Watch a video about the use of public transport on Texel here: watch video
  • In public transport, a mask is mandatory from 1 June 2020. Only travel by bus, tram, metro and train if you really have to.


  • The supermarkets will remain open. Trucks continue to supply supermarkets, but only buy what you really need. Please note that opening hours may have been adjusted.


  • In hotels, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served exclusively to hotel guests via room service.
  • From June 1: Terraces may open again, but tables 1.5 meters apart. Restaurants and cafes open for up to 30 people. Visitors must make a reservation first.
  • From July 1: restaurants and cafes open for up to 100 people.

Several restaurants offer takeaway service, including:

Food tour on wheels

On Ascension Day (21 May), a Culinary road trip will be organized on various locations on Texel. With your car you drive past the locations where small dishes are served. Participating companies: Restaurant Passie, Restaurant BOSQ, Visrestaurant 't Pakhuus. At Jef, Hotel Brasserie Rebecca Texel, Op Oost, Tasty & More Delicacy & Restaurant Peek. Times: from 3 pm to 8 pm. Costs: € 60 p.p. excluding drinks. Order your tickets here.


Most of the shops, other than restaurants and bars, are open. The supermarkets will remain open. Beside:

  • The webshops of shops have been opened.
  • The goods market on Monday morning in Den Burg will continue from 08:00 to 13:30.
  • The shops on Texel have adjusted opening hours. A number of shops are temporarily closed. We advise you to check the opening hours of the store you want to visit in advance.

Delivery service

The following companies offer a delivery service:


  • The nature reserves on Texel are freely accessible. If you choose to visit nature, please observe the following guidelines: avoid crowded places, always keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and stay at home if you have flu symptoms.


  • The Roman Catholic Church has left the churches on Texel open so that individual visitors can light a candle and pray. No celebrations are currently being held in the Catholic Churches on the island.
  • Various celebrations of the churches on Texel can be viewed via live streams.
  • From July 1, churches may again organize meetings for up to 100 people.

Activities / attractions

Some companies have opened and are currently offering custom activities. We have listed a number for you:

  • Schapenboerderij Texel: open from April 30. Only 1 family may be in the shed for half an hour at a time. After that you have the option to stay on the outside area. Read more here.
  • Zandbank Texel: open from April 30. Young people from 10 to 18 years old can participate in the clinics again (max. Number of people per group). At the clinics they adhere to the necessary adjustments in terms of distance & hygiene. For adults, a maximum number of 4 people applies. Blokarting, power kiting and kayaking are again possible with adjustments.
  • Texel Active: All activities, such as blokarting, of Texel Active have been adapted in such a way that they can be implemented within our 1.5 meter society.

Look for more activities in our agenda. Please note: due to the corona virus, some activities or events in our calendar do not take place.

Precautionary measures

If you want to visit the above locations, we ask you to observe the following:

  • The opened companies ask you to pay with pin.
  • When visiting the Texel companies, observe the following hygiene measures: keep sufficient distance (1.5 meters) from other visitors, stay at home if you have complaints of the nose cold, cough, sore throat or fever. Limit contact with other people, wash your hands regularly with soap and water, cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow, use tissue paper and do not shake hands.
  • Companies limit their capacity to a maximum of people.This differs per company.

VVV Texel has close contact with the Municipality of Texel, the Texel entrepreneur platform and TESO, so that we can quickly share developments.

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