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Recipe: Texel Trifle

The Texel Trifle is a delicious end to a meal. A dish with many Texel ingredients!


1 rolled cake with fruit jam (view the recipe for the cake here)
1 tablespoon of Texel whiskey, optional
250 grams of full-fat curd cheese (kwark) from Zorgboerderij Novalishoeve
100 grams of red fruit
'Advocaat Rooie Caatje': with cranberry from Parelino's
Glass bowl

How to prepare this dish:

Line a glass bowl with slices of the rolled cake. Sprinkle this with whiskey if necessary.

Then fill the mold with the curd cheese. Then you can add the red fruit and then again a 'Advocaat' of curd cheese. Garnish the trifle with 'Advocaad'. Finally, let the trifle set for a while in the fridge.

Enjoy your meal!

This article was made possible in part by Annette van Ruitenburg, author of the cookbook De Smaak van Texel.

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