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Texel’s natural environment is unique. Much of the island comprises a nature reserve with unusual plants and animals.

Enjoy nature

Everyone can enjoy nature on Texel. Below is a list of the accessible footpaths, lookout points and birdwatching spots.

With the electric wheelchair

At Bospaviljoen`t Turfveld you can rent a wheelchair from SIGT to go through the forest. The rental of this chair costs € 20,- for the first hour, for two hours you pay € 30,-. A deposit of €50 is charged for the rental of the wheelchair. You can request a reservation in advance by sending an email to

Accessible footpaths

  • Den Hoorn
    The footpath from Loodsmansduin near Den Hoorn to Paal 9 (‘beach marker 9’) is suitable for wheelchair users.
  • De Slufter
    In De Slufter there is a 200-metre path on the salt marsh that is wheelchair-accessible.
  • Dennenbos
    At the edge of the forest, the viewpoint on the Kampeersnol near the Turfveld is accessible via a 65-metre long clay-shell path with a 1:20 gradient. The path is 1.5 metres wide and has a handrail. The observation post itself is 8 x 8 metres in size.
  • Bleekersvallei
    This route through the Bleekersvallei, south of Ecomare, partly follows the cycle path rather than the route at the forest’s edge. The ‘kissing gates’ to keep out cyclists here are best negotiated by mobility scooters entering them in reverse.
  • Het Alloo
    The Alloo nature trail begins opposite Ecomare. You can choose whether to cover 4.5 or 2.7 kilometres. The path is negotiable for people in wheelchairs, the blind and the visually impaired.


  • De Slufter
    and the viewpoint over this special nature reserve are accessible via a ramp over the dune, near the Zanddijk/Slufterweg intersection. In De Slufter there is a matted trail used to reach the outflow channel along the Slufterbollen dune area. At café-restaurant De Slufter you can borrow a beach wheelchair to explore the area further.
  • Horsmeertjes
    A lookout point has been created at the entrance to the Horsmeertjes, offering a view of the island’s southern section. Its spacious layout (5.5 x 3 metres) also makes the lookout point suitable for disabled people. Nine wheelchairs can be accommodated alongside each other. The access path to the observation post is 140 metres long with a 1:20 gradient. There are several resting places along the route, where wheelchair users can also pass each other.

Birdwatching spots

  • Oudeschild
    At the foot of the dyke a little way north of Oudeschild.
  • Het Wagejot
    You will find Het Wagejot near Oosterend: a pool between the old and new dykes.
  • De Bol
    From the dyke to the north of Oost there is a view across De Bol, also offering a fine view over the Wadden Sea.
  • De Staart and Westerboersweg
    In the Waalenburg polder there are birdwatching spots along De Staart and Westerboersweg roads.
  • De Mokbaai
    In the south of the island you will find De Mokbaai, featuring among other things a view of De Geul, where spoonbills often stay.
  • Prins Hendrikzanddijk
    South of Oudeschild is a footpath leading to the birdwatching point where you can look out over the Ceres nature reserve.

Tailor-made nature excursion
On request, Staatsbosbeheer provides tailor-made excursions for people with disabilities who cannot join the regular excursions.

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