Corona measures on Texel

Walks for seniors on Texel?

Texel has wonderful walks for the less mobile too.

Paths and routes on Texel

The footpaths are well-maintained and many of them have hard surfaces, which makes walking easier. You will find benches throughout the dunes and in the woods: they are ideal for anyone wanting to rest a little before continuing their walk. There are also various picnic tables where you can sit down and enjoy a packed lunch or cup of coffee.

A number of short and long walking routes have been created on the island. If you would prefer to walk without following one of these routes, we recommend that you bring a map of Texel along with you.

Walking by the sea on Texel

When the tide goes out, the shifting sand on the beach hardens, which makes it a bit easier to walk across. Tip: find out when the tide is due to go out before you start out on your walk.
Would a walk across the beach actually be a bit much for you? Don't worry: a paved boulevard with wonderful views of the beach has been created in De Koog. The boulevard also features a number of benches and beach pavilions, where you can take the time to sit down and relax.


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