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Recipe: oysters au gratin in Texel beer

One good thing about winter is that it’s the right season for oysters! This time, Annette van Ruitenburg has chosen a scrumptious recipe using oysters from the mudflats and Texel beer.

Did you know that you are allowed to gather oysters from Texel’s mudflats? You only need to know where to look. Texel’s oyster expert, Martin Zeeman, can take you on a special oyster tour to show you where to find the best spots along the Wadden coast.

You will need

8 large oysters
2 decilitres of beer (e.g. Texels Skuumkoppe, Texels Wit or Texels Bockbier)
1 shallot, finely chopped
2 egg yolks
100 grams of melted butter
2 spring onions, sliced into rings

Open the oysters; save the liquid and set to one side. Next, fry the shallot gently in butter. Add the liquid from the oysters and the beer and simmer until the volume is reduced to about half the amount of liquid. Sprinkle the freshly sliced rings of spring onion in the empty oyster shells and arrange the oysters on top.

Strain the oyster-beer liquid. Whisk the liquid with the egg yolks au bain-marie until it is frothy and cooked. Whisk small, cold chunks of butter into the mixture until you have a thick sauce. Don’t allow the sauce to boil again. Spoon the sauce over the oysters and cook them au gratin for one to two minutes under a grill.


Tip: Texel beer goes nicely with this dish.

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