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Texel poppy seeds

Blue poppy seed is the seed grown from the poppy on Texel. The poppy blooms between May and July, beautiful flowers can be seen for a few days.

Each plant has five flowers and they take turns to flower. There are white, pink and purple-blue varieties.

Blue poppy seed

When the poppy has finished flowering, the seed pods will remain in July. These retain millions of seeds with an ingenious system. Later they can spread the seeds or be harvested. The seeds contain a lot of oil and are therefore also grown.

When poppy seeds are dried, the seed can be eaten. It has a nutty taste, which you especially taste when you roast the seed.

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The Lap family from Den Hoorn has been growing poppy seeds on Texel for years and creates a beautiful photo image with these beautiful fields full of flowers.

At Bakker Timmer, for example, they use poppy seeds that are grown by farmer's lap for the breads.

Poppy seed recipe

So there are beautiful poppy fields full of flowers on Texel and delicious dishes are made from the poppy seeds. How about a delicious poppy seed cake? View the recipe here: Poppy seed cake with white chocolate.

This article was made possible in part by Annette van Ruitenburg, author of the cookbook De Smaak van Texel.

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