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You get more out of the winter on Texel

Stiff winter walks, beachcombing, spectacular mountain biking, spotting seals and warming up by the fireplace with beer and bitterballen; on Texel you get the best out of winter! We give you ten good reasons for a visit to Texel in winter.

10 tips for a stay on Texel in winter

1. You can get a fantastic breath of fresh air on the quietest part of Texel. De Hors, the southern tip of Texel, is the roughest piece of nature on the island. Due to the interaction of wind, rain and sea, the appearance of the sandy plain changes almost monthly.

2. You can warm up in many places. At Catharinahoeve on the edge of the forest they have a nice fireplace, but the wood stove is also burning on the beach. Visit Paal 17, Paal 9, Paal 28 or Paal 33.

3. On the bird island of Texel, winged visitors come and go. The Mokbaai, the Schorren and the northern point at the lighthouse are ideal for bird watching.

4. Golden combination after a tough winter walk: beer and bitterballen. The Texel brewery brews real winter beer: Noorderwiend or Stormbock.

5. Does it freeze that it creaks? You can skate on Waalenburg, for example. Or at the Hoornderslag between Den Hoorn and Paal 9, where - when we have a harsh winter - the tour 'de 50 van Den Hoorn' is held.

6. Winter evenings are ideal to marvel at the starry sky. Especially on Texel, one of the darkest places in the Netherlands. At the public observatory De Jager, there are viewing evenings - "in clear weather".

7. When it storms, it storms spectacularly on Texel. Wind force 11, flooding De Slufter and extremely high water in the port of Oudeschild: these are part of the winter months. Then it's fantastic beachcombing.

8. Speaking of beachcombing: because of the sand nourishments along the coast, you have the chance that you will find fossils of mammoths and rhinos on Texel. They used to lie at the bottom of the North Sea, now along the beach.

9. A group of gray seals lives near the Razende Bol, a sandbank. Gray seals give birth during the cold winter months and young seals are often found along the coast of Texel. Those orphan seals are being cared for in Ecomare.

10. Get rid of Christmas kilos or donuts belly? Then the spectacular MTB track on Texel is recommended. A trip through the dunes and (mainly) through De Dennen. Due to the short, sharp turns and the alternation of hard surface with loose sand and mud, this is quite a tough route.

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