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Corona measures on Texel

Do you want to go to Texel and are you curious about the measures that apply in connection with the corona virus? Traveling to Texel is allowed, provided you adhere to the following measures.

On this page we share the measures that apply to a visit or holiday on Texel. The national government, North Holland Safety Region and the municipality of Texel recommend the following:

General advice

We ask you, also as a tourist on Texel, to observe the basic rules of RIVM.

  • Do you have any complaints? Stay home and get tested, even if you are vaccinated
  • Keep 1,5 meters away from others and don't shake hands
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly and cough/sneeze into your elbow
  • Provide plenty of fresh air by opening windows and doors
  • If someone at home/of your travel group has corona, everyone must stay in the house/holiday residence. Even if they are vaccinated
  • Cycling is not allowed in the shopping streets of Den Burg and De Koog
  • Everyone is requested to keep to the right as much as possible. When oncoming traffic on the (bicycle) path, you drive or walk in succession
  • Go shopping at less common times or have them delivered, so that the number of visitors is spread more widely
  • Deliberately ignoring the corona measures and failing to follow directions by BOAs and the police can result in a fine. In nightlife and public spaces in particular, action is taken against persons who do not follow instructions after repeated requests.

Access with corona admission ticket

You must show your corona admission ticket and ID (identity card, passport or driver's license):

  • in restaurants and cafes, inside and outside on terraces, except for takeout
  • in cultural places such as cinema, theater and concert halls, as well as in museums
  • at events, at festivals, parties and performances. All visitors have a fixed seat
  • for indoor sports, such as in the gym and swimming (for everyone from 18 years)
  • for indoor sports, such as in the gym and swimming (for everyone from 18 years)
  • in art and culture such as music and painting (for everyone from the age of 18).

You will receive a corona admission ticket if you have been fully vaccinated, have a valid recovery certificate or have a negative test result of no more than 24 hours old. It is possible to have a test for this on Texel. At the bottom of this page you will find information about Testing for Access on Texel.

Face masks

Wear a face mask in buildings where an corona admission ticket is not required (masks are compulsory for everyone from 13 years old):

  • in public transport, such as on the bus and on the ferry
  • in places around public transport, such as stops, platforms and stations. Also at ferry port
  • in professional passenger transport such as coaches and taxis
  • in public indoor spaces, such as supermarkets, shops and libraries
  • when visiting people with a contact profession, such as the hairdresser, masseur or pedicure and other cases where you cannot keep your distance.

Traveling into the Netherlands

If you want to enter the Netherlands, you need a corona certificate. It can consist of the following:

  • A vaccination certificate;
  • A certificate of recovery;
  • A negative test certificate from the country you are leaving from (for anyone 12 years and older. There are exceptions for some travelers);
  • And if you arrive by plane, additionally: a health certificate (this applies to anyone aged 12 and older).

(Public) transport

  • A face mask in public transport is mandatory. Travelers are responsible for purchasing face masks
  • Buy your boat ticket before departure at
  • You can read the measures that Texelhopper uses here.


  • Guests are still welcome on Texel. If you want to cancel, this is done on the basis of the applicable General Travel Conditions of VVV Texel or the conditions of the lessor where you have booked
  • Communal toilets and showers on campsites and holiday parks are open. However, guests must maintain a 1.5 meter distance in these communal facilities
  • If you visit others or receive visitors, do a self-test. Take special care when making contact between the elderly over 70 years of age and children under 12 years of age.


  • Non-essential stores are open until 5 pm
  • Essential stores (such as supermarkets, pet stores and drugstores) may be open until 8 pm
  • Wearing a face mask and keeping a distance of 1.5 meters is mandatory in the store.


  • Restaurants and cafes are open until 5 pm
  • A corona admission ticket and a fixed seat are required in a restaurant or cafe
  • 1,5 meters and a face mask is mandatory
  • Picking up food is possible without a corona admission ticket. Wearing a face mask is mandatory.


  • To avoid full waiting rooms, there is limited space during the consultation hour and the GP practices are only accessible by appointment
  • Health complaints are handled by telephone as much as possible. If possible, call your own doctor on weekdays. For (forgotten) medicines, you can also first call your own doctor, who can then forward a prescription to the Texel Pharmacy
  • Do not postpone urgent health complaints, in case of emergency you can always be seen by a GP
  • If you are unsure whether you should see a doctor, you can call to consult by phone
  • If you are seriously ill, please contact one of the GP practices or the GP post during evening / night and weekend hours (+31(0)222-321143). The triagist will give you telephone advice or, if necessary, refer you to the GP on duty for a consultation.

Testen at GGD

  • Tests by the GGD are only taken by appointment. For an appointment you can call telephone number 0800-1202. You can also make an appointment via For current information, consult: The aim is that people who have had themselves tested will be called within 48 hours with the results. Until then, people are not allowed to leave their home or holiday accommodation in order to prevent any further infections.

Rapid test with travel certificate

  • Anyone who travels abroad from the Netherlands and needs a negative test result can make an appointment for a test. This includes, for example, foreign tourists traveling from the Netherlands to another country. Make a test appointment before your trip
  • It is possible to have a rapid test taken in Den Burg. This test costs €60 per person and you will receive the results by telephone within 15 minutes. They work by appointment only. Call: +31 6 1226 4042. For an extra €15 you can receive a travel certificate. This test is possible every day, but an appointment must be made in good time.

Test for access

  • For certain activities and access to locations, valid proof is required to prove that you do not have corona
  • A test location for this has been established on Texel in De Koog. For current opening hours and to make an appointment, visit:
  • This test result cannot be used for travel. After about fifteen minutes, the test result will be sent by email, which is then valid for 24 hours
  • The e-mail with the negative test result contains a unique code. In the CoronaCheck-app, this code can be converted into a digital corona admission ticket in the form of a QR code. The code can be used via for a printed corona admission ticket.

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