Corona measures on Texel

Exploring with the forest ranger

You will learn even more about the special nature reserves on Texel if you go on an excursion with the forester who can tell you all about it. This will take you to places that are otherwise inaccessible. We have collected a number of excursions in an overview:

To the Mokbaai and De Geul

During a varied walk you will discover the Mokbaai salt marsh area and the wet nature of the Geul together with the forest ranger of Staatsbosbeheer.

Strolling through De Slufter

Go on a voyage of discovery in nature reserve De Slufter! The forester will be happy to tell you about the history of the area and introduce you to salty plants such as samphire and sea lavender.

Salt marsh, mudflats and spoonbills

During this excursion of Natuurmonumenten you walk with the forester on the mudflats and through the creeks. You will receive an explanation about the many "salt-loving" plants and the different birds in this area.

Blommen en feugels kieken (flowers and bird watching)

Or go with the forester through the Texel nature in the Waalenburg area. During the breeding season (May, June and July) this nature reserve is only accessible with the forester.

The nature excursions can be booked via Ecomare or via Natuurmonumenten.

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