Book a gypsy caravan on Texel

A gypsy caravan on Texel will guarantee a very special weekend away or unusual Texel family holiday. A number of farms on Texel have these fairytale wagons, which sleep 1 to 4 people. And whether your choice is a merry, brightly coloured circus trailer or a tastefully furnished rustic cart with genuine cupboard beds, close to the woods or the fishing harbour, they are certainly not your run-of-the-mill wagon holiday homes! The caravans are just the thing for a child-friendly holiday or a romantic getaway. Here are the best offers for gypsy caravans, including the last-minute deals. It’s easy to book a gypsy caravan on Texel online here. If you are thinking of taking your dog with you, then check out here which gypsy caravans allow dogs.

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