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Camping on Texel

The camping season starts at the beginning of April and camping on Texel is popular. The island offers lots of great places to pitch up your caravan, trailer tent, tent or camper van. Will it be a small farm campsite or are you looking for a star-rated campsite instead with lots of facilities and entertainment for young and old? Texel has it all!

What makes camping so much fun?

Campers list three main reasons:

  1. Freedom
    You decide how to spend your day. The children go for a quick game of badminton before you all enjoy a lovely breakfast together. The towels are drying on a clothesline between the trees. Chilling out in the shade with your nose stuck in an exciting book. Campers love pottering about in and around their motorhome!
  2. Nature
    On a campsite, you get to experience nature more intensely. Campers love the country air, birdsong and the scent of grass and flowers.
  3. Friendly atmosphere
    Connecting with people is easy on a campsite. The children will always find someone to play with. Over the washing up, you get to chat with fellow campers and swap stories about trips.

Choose your campsite on Texel

Are you an enthusiastic camper or would you like to give camping a try? We look forward to welcoming you to Texel’s most beautiful sites in the dunes, polders or right by the beach!
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