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Texel flour

You will see quite a lot of grain fields on Texel. The grain is ground into flour, which bakers such as Timmer De Echte Bakker and Novalishoeve use to make scrumptious loaves. The grain is also used to brew Texel beer

Ground on Texel      

Once the grain has been harvested and cleaned, it is taken to a windmill, De Traanroeier, the only grain mill on Texel, where it is ground by traditional methods. The wind powers the huge millstone that grinds the grain to fine flour. The flour is then put in sacks ready to be sold on the island. This flour is very suitable for making pancakes, cakes, bread and other treats.

Where to buy the flour

The flour is available from the shop at Museum Kaap Skil and from the Texelse Kost stall. Timmer De Echte Bakker and Novalishoeve sell loaves made daily with Texel flour. 

Recipes with Texel flour

If you would like to try using Texel flour in the kitchen, how about the recipe below? 

Visit the mill

The windmill is in the grounds of Museum Kaap Skil; it is open to visitors during the museum’s opening hours. The mill also open, free of charge, on National Mill Day (Open Molendag). 

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