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10 Tips for an amazing summer on Texel

30 July 2020

The most beautiful beach in Europe, the biggest bird boulevard, the tastiest ice cream and a huge variety of activities; on Texel, you really do get the most out of summer. With our summer tips, you won’t be bored for a second this summer!

1. Beach bliss

Texel has over 30km of beach, the most hours of sunshine and lots of cosy beach pavilions. All summer long, you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on Texel beach until way after sunset. Did you know that The Guardian named Texel beach 'The most beautiful beach in Europe'?

2. Summer means ice cream

On Texel, you can treat yourself to ice cream at Ice-Cream Farm Labora. On the farm, ice is made from fresh milk and cream from our own cows.Or pop into the Bakker Timmer bakery, where you can taste classic ice creams made from fresh Texel milk according to Grandpa Jan’s recipe. Novalishoeve makes organic ice creams from the milk of their own cows.

3. Spectacular nature

Texel has the biggest bird boulevard in Europe, a fabulous birdwatching spot; the largest spoonbill colony in the Netherlands; and millions of wild orchids, including very rare species. Join the forester on a guided walk and discover nature!

4. Water-sports paradise

In the summer, Texel is a water-sports paradise, with windsurfing, kitesurfing, branding kayaking and supping on the North Sea side and Waddenzee coast of the island, and surfing on the North Sea beach.

5. Seal watching

From early summer onwards, you can visit the baby seals at Ecomare. These seal pups have lost their mums and orphaned pups like these are rescued and rehabilitated by Ecomare. Once they are big enough to survive in the wild, they are released back into the sea.

6. Mudflat walking

Mudflat walking is an amazing experience! Together with a guide, you will explore the seabed at low tide, while enjoying panoramic views, screeching seagulls and the plant and animal life in the saltwater environment around you. Mudflat excursions can be booked via Ecomare, among other places.

7. Climbing and clambering

Love climbing? At Klimmen Enzo climbing park you can tackle four different climbing courses. Suitable for young and old. Minimum height restriction: 1.30m.

8. Visit a beachcombing museum

Lonely shoes, messages in bottles and lost swimming trunks … At Schipbreuk- en Juttersmuseum Flora and Kaap Skil you can see with your own eyes all the kinds of crazy things that wash up on Texel beach.

9. Texel BBQ

At sheep farm De Waddel you can enjoy Texel lamb, a Texel beer and other products from the island in the middle of the country this summer. You can book here via our website.

10. Plenty of activities on the program

In the Texel Agenda you can already take a look at the program for this summer. Fun events, spectacular activities, special exhibitions and interesting tours: Texel has a lot to do every day this summer!

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