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VVV Texel now also on Spotify

8 April 2021

We have news: now you can also find VVV Texel on Spotify. We’re sharing a range of playlists on this channel. Now you can enjoy the nicest tunes during your visit, or when heading to the island or home while thinking of Texel.

Which number reminds you of Texel?

Of course we’re also curious about your own favourite numbers. Which one makes you think of Texel? Let us know on the form below. We add the best submissions to our 'Think about Texel songs' playlist on Spotify.

How do I find VVV Texel on Spotify?

You can find a whole range of playlists on our account. View VVV Texel’s profile here and click the ‘Follow’ button to stay updated on what we’re doing on Spotify.

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