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    Order a winter package

    Fancy a delicious winter meal on Texel? Then order the Winter package! The heroes of the winter package are the ingredients for a Texel pea soup with a recipe from star chef Jef Schuur. But there is more: a lamb roulade as the basis for a delicious dinner, lamb for a nice stew and lamb cubes to feast on the capuchins.

    The package contains:
    - Dapper.Lamb (smoked sausage, roulade, cubes of lamb, stew and lamb *) from sheep farm De Waddel or De Hoge Kamp.
    - Green peas and capuchins from Boer Lap
    - Mustard from Mustardmakerij Texel
    - TX Robust bread from Bakker Timmer
    - Fresh vegetables (Carrots, Leeks and celeriac)

    Organizer: Dapper Texel
    Location: you can order the package via:
    Costs: 69.87 euros (including shipping)

    Order a winter package

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