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    New Masters on Tour 13/5/2019

    In the charming church of Den Hoorn with its white tower, international musicians perform in a number of evening concerts, organized by The International Holland Music Sessions.
    The International Holland Music Sessions is one of the main festivals in the world to support extraordinary international top talent in the classical music.

    During the concerts, one can enjoy musical highlights from international soloists from the violin- cello and piano repertoire.

    The concerts take place on Monday, the concerts start at 20.15 hours, before and after the concerts there is the possibility to have a drink in the adjacent building.

    Unprecedented Talent shine in East-European masterpieces

    Favourite musicians
    German violinist Leonard Fu was just like Italian pianist Gabriele Strata, who at a very young age was also an unprecedented talent. Those two young men were meant to be musicians. Though Fu is still studying with Donald Weilerstein, the father of top cellist Alisa, he is, like Strata, in great demand as a soloist. They will perform a demanding and compelling program with works by Janáček, Mozart and Liszt that will make you appreciate why they are such sought after musicians.

    Exciting repertoire
    Both Leonard Fu and Gabriele Strata dare choose unusual repertoires. Fu for instance, plays the Sonata for violin and piano by Janáček, a beautiful idiomatic work with a distinct Czech flair, besides works by Mozart and Schubert. Strata on the other hand dares play Bartok’s ‘Out of Doors‘ and combine it with some quiet works by Liszt.


    Leonard Fu, violin (Germany)
    David Golod, piano (Israel)

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sonata for violin and piano in C Major, KV 303
    - Adagio – Allegro molto - Adagio
    - Tempo di Menuetto

    Leoš Janáček Sonata for violin and piano
    - Con moto
    - Ballada
    - Allegretto
    - Adagio

    Franz Schubert Rondo for violin and piano in B Minor, Op. 70 “ Rondo brillant”


    Gabriele Strata, piano (Italy)

    Franz Liszt Études d’exécution transcendante S.139
    - Paysage
    - Chasse neige

    Après une lecture de Dante: Fantasia quasi Sonata

    Béla Bartók Out of Doors
    - With drums and pipes
    - Barcarolle
    - Musettes
    - The Night’s Music
    - The Chase

    New Masters on Tour 13/5/2019

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