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    Lights tour Den Burg

    Saturday 27 October 2018

    On Saturday 27 October, the village Committee of Den Burg the second Lights tour. We are gathering from 7pm at the "Glazen Paleis"('glass palace) in the park. The tour starts at 7.30 pm. Everyone is invited to bring a little light/candle. We will take the following route: Park Street-Weverstreet-Warmoesstreet-Gravenstreet-Gasthuisstreet-De Zes-Kogerstreet-Steenenplaats-Weverstreet-Schoolglop-Burgwal to return again at the "Glazen Palei" ('glass palace'). Everyone gets a hot chocolate and some goodies after. Participation is free. The whole is musically accompanied by the SOS band from De Koog.

    Lights tour Den Burg

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