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    Friday 30 April 2021 from 07.00 p.m.

    With the lighting of bonfires the arrival of spring is celebrated. Each village has its own public Meierblis; there are also dozens of private Blissen (bonfires).

    The collective May fires are:

    In De Koog: at the Bosrandweg, at the marked spot
    In Den Burg: diagonally opposite Stayokay Texel
    In Oudeschild: at the Redoute, at the marked spot, 1 km from Oudeschild towards the Pontweg, at the right hand side
    In Oosterend: at the corner Nieuweschild – Fanneweg
    In Den Hoorn: at the Stolpweg, at the marked spot
    In De Cocksdorp: at the Stengweg, at the storage facility of the Hoogheemraadschap
    In De Waal: at Spangerweg 10, at the marked spot
    In ‘t Horntje: behind the bicycle rent shop, at the grounds of the Hoogheemraadschap


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