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    Bird watching

    Texel is a real bird island. Hundreds of bird species come to Texel to breed or to make a stopover. What special bird(s) have you already seen on Texel?

    Bird areas
    According to the experts, the Eierlandse Duinen, De Slufter, De Mokbaai, De Horsmeertjes and the areas along the bird boulevard are a popular spot for birds.

    Bird boulevard
    Along the east side of the island you will find the bird boulevard with various nature reserves. From the road, but also on foot, you can look for unusual birds here.

    Bird watching huts
    Bird watching huts have been built at 20 locations on the island, where you can watch the birds in peace. The locations can be found at:

    Bird watching

    You do not have to book in advance.

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