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    Visit Texel Zoo

    Meet the opossums, meerkats and many more animals! You don't get bored at Texel Zoo just like that. There are more than 40 animal species and about 350 birds that you can admire here. The most beautiful exotics flutter in the butterfly garden and birds fly freely in the bird garden. Which do you recognize them all? In the outside area you can meet the birds of prey. Mighty owls, eagles, buzzards and more large and small birds of prey can be seen up close here. There is a bird of prey show every day at 2 pm (except Mondays and Fridays). Be sure to see it! Note: dogs are not allowed at Texel Zoo.

    Organizer: Texel Zoo
    Location: Schorrenweg 20, 1794 HG Oosterend
    Hours: Daily, 9.30 am - 5 pm
    Age: all ages

    Visit Texel Zoo

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