Corona measures on Texel


    Rival Seal tours

    With the ship 'Rival' you can make sport fishing in the sea and trips to the seals. The ship 'Rival' travels to dry sandbanks, where seals lie in large groups. These tours are only for groups. Reservation is required.

    Where: Near harbor 10, Oudeschild.
    Opening times: departure times are only in consultation, as the sandbanks dry up depending on the tide. The duration of a seal tour varies from 1 to 2.5 hours, this also depends on the location of the seals and the tide.

    Corona measures: the Rival is currently not sailing. There is a maximum number of people who can participate in the tour. The seats are also indicated, the toilets are cleaned extra and an extra tap is placed to wash hands.

    Rival Seal tours

    More information or make a booking? Contact the organiser Contact the organiser

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