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    Single trip to Vlieland

    Do you want to go island hopping to Vlieland with or without a bike? Or from Vlieland to Texel? That is possible with Rederij De Vriendschap. This Wadden ferry provides boat trips between Texel and Vlieland. The sailing time between both islands is approximately one and a half hours. Along the way you can enjoy the beautiful nature in the Wadden area.

    Organizer: Waddenveer De Vriendschap
    Location: ferry house at the beach of Paal 33, Volharding 21, 1795 LH De Cocksdorp
    Departure times: view the current sailing days and sailing times on [L[/L]. The sailing time is approximately one and a half hours
    Age: all ages

    Single trip to Vlieland

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