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    Horsmeertjes safari: birds and more!

    Klaas de Jong, known from the television program 'In de ban van de Condor', knows everything about nature and the birds on Texel. With this excursion he takes you to the area around De Hors and the Horsmeertjes in the south of Texel. The Hors is a sandbar, subject to the whims of natural processes such as wind and sea. The album offers beautiful views, brackish to sweet valleys and paths that can end up in nothing. The Horsmeertjes are located behind a drift dike. Dozens of special birds can be seen in and around the lakes, including many ducks, but also the spoonbill, bluethroat, black snake and nightingale. Sometimes also a leaf king or a plague bird. Note: Dogs are not allowed on this excursion!

    Where: gather in the parking lot at the Horsmeertjes.
    Times: every Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m.
    Costs: € 22.50 per person including use of a genuine Zeiss viewer. Tickets: available via this site, see below.

    Horsmeertjes safari: birds and more!

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