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    The life of a sheep farmer

    Every Tuesday and Thursday 

    Come with the family to Schapenbedrijf De Waddel and take on the role of a sheep farmer! You will be expected at the farm around 3.30 pm for the work meeting, it is then "Koppiestied" (time for a cup of coffee). You can join the quad to the top of the Hoge Berg. The farmer tells about the landscape, the sheep and nature. Then you help feed the sheep and lambs. You drive over the parcels and give each couple something to eat. The sheep are rejoicing right now, you will see how happy they are! You then feed the pigs and chickens on the farm. Then you can help with preparing everything for milking. Finally, you can try to milk a goat. Have you ever tasted goat milk so fresh? At the end of the afternoon the farmer waves you off again.

    Where: Sheep company De Waddel, Westergeest 4, Den Burg.
    Times: from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm.
    Number of persons: 1 family max. 5 persons.
    Price: 50 euros for the whole family.

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    The life of a sheep farmer

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