Corona measures on Texel


    Bird guards from Texel

    From April until August

    Visitors are welcome to the Wadwachters of Texel. These volunteers manning permanently the Wadwachtershut of Natural Monuments ('Natuurmonumenten') ad the Waddensea dike; they watch over nature, receive/welcome visitors and inform them about Texel, nature and World Heritage Wadden Sea. 

    Also you can come take a look at the voluntary bird guardians of the Forestry Commission ('Staatsbosbeheer'). They are from april to August present at "De Geul" and the Northern check point at the Slufter. They check if the birds are not disturbed and give information to the public, there are also binoculars and telescopes available. 

    Location Natural Monuments: on the Wadden Sea dike "De Schorrnen" (e.g. at the salt meadows) and Utopia is a gypsy cart.
    Location State forest: at De Geul (a mobile home/site) and the Northern check point at the Slufter.

    Bird guards from Texel

    You do not have to book in advance.

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