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    Visit Vogelboulevard

    Along the east coast of Texel, Natuurmonumenten and Staatsbosbeheer manage a series of bird-rich nature reserves. This pearl necklace of nature reserves that extends from the Teso boat to the lighthouse is also called the bird boulevard of Texel. It is a landscape to enjoy. You look over the endless Wadden Sea, a nursery for countless animals. Large groups of waders constantly fly back and forth. Admire the scurrying oystercatchers from close-by, chattering colonies with seagulls and terns and the spoonbill spoonbills.

    On the bird boulevard you will find the following bird watching spots (from south to north):
    - Old Molenkolk
    - Prince Hendrik Zanddijk
    - Ottersaat
    - Dijkmans houses
    - Zandkes
    - Minkewaal
    - Waddendijk near the IJzeren Kaap
    - Wagejot
    - Utopia
    - The Schorren
    - The Perseverance

    Where: bird boulevard. IJsdijk, Oudeschild, Lancasterdijk, Oosterend, De Cocskdorp.
    More information and bird watching tips:

    Visit Vogelboulevard

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