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Privacy Statement

When you book a holiday or order a ticket through Stichting VVV Texel Promotie, or if you make a purchase in our webshop or fill in a form on our website, you want to be sure you are doing so securely and that no one can access or use your data. You are absolutely right, which is why we do everything possible to keep your personal data personal. In this privacy statement, we provide you with information about how we handle your personal data and how we comply with the GDPR.


This privacy statement applies to all services that VVV Texel performs for its visitors to our website at and guests who book accommodations on the island of Texel via VVV Texel.

VVV Texel

Stichting VVV Texel Promotie
Emmalaan 66
NL-1791 AV Den Burg
Tel: +31 (0)222 - 31 47 41
CoC: Alkmaar no. 37052439

Why we process your data

We process your data to facilitate your booking or to send you the information or products you have requested.

We process your data pursuant to the intermediation agreement you entered into with VVV Texel, and if you visited our website at, through the consent you gave us by accepting our cookie statement.

Which data we process

We need information from you to ensure that your reservation or order is completed as smoothly as possible. The appendix to this privacy statement lists exactly which data we collect from you, and why.

Data we share with others

VVV Texel intermediates in making a reservation for an accommodation with your host on Texel. We provide your host with the information needed to complete the booking. Your host can use these data to inform you about the details of your booking and to ensure that you are given a warm welcome on Texel.


All VVV Texel employees who have access to your data are bound by a strict duty of confidentiality with regard to all Personal Data they learn based on that access.


Our systems and software are secured in the manner prescribed by the applicable laws and regulations.

VVV Texel’s website operates in accordance with the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, HTTPS for short. The data you enter on our website are encrypted so that third parties can never see which data are sent. The green lock in the URL bar on your browser shows you that this protocol is being used.

After you send your data to us, they are stored in a secure database maintained in a high-security data centre.

We will never disclose your data to third parties for commercial purposes.

Accessing, rectifying, or erasing your data

Do you want to see which of your personal data we know? Or would you like to rectify your data in, or erase them from, our system? No problem. You can do this yourself via ‘My Texel’, or you can let us know by post, WhatsApp, or email.

How long we retain your data

We do not retain your data any longer than necessary to process them for the purposes for which they were collected or were subsequently processed.


Do you have questions or comments about our privacy policy? You can always contact us, including if you have any complaints. You can also contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority to submit complaints about non-compliance with the provisions of this privacy statement.

Please read the privacy statement regularly, as we may amend it from time to time.

Questions or comments?

WhatsApp: +31 (0)6 83357827
Tel: +31 (0)222 314741

Appendix: personal data processing overview

VVV Texel may process the following personal data about you:

Gender and last name

If we communicate with you, we want to know whether to address you as Ms or Mr Jansen. We consider that polite.

Street address and city/town
We need your address data to be able to send you any necessary travel documents by post after a booking.

If you order an item from the webshop, we want to make sure you receive it as soon as possible by directing it to the correct person and the correct address.

Telephone number
If necessary, we want to be able to contact you quickly about your holiday. We might also telephone you if something is unclear, or to be able to answer any questions you might have as quickly as possible.

We only communicate via WhatsApp after you have contacted us through that medium.

Travel companions
If you book a holiday with us, we want to know how many adults, children, babies, and pets will be accompanying so your host can optimally prepare for your arrival.

Payment data
We use a secure payment environment to enable you to pay for your holiday, ticket, or order. If you pay with Mastercard, Visa, or Bancontact/MisterCash, your credit card data are not disclosed to us.

If you pay using PayPal, we receive the e-mail address attached to your PayPal account as well as your address.

If you pay via online banking or a bank transfer, we see your IBAN on our bank statement.

IP address
We view your IP address in accordance with our cookie policy.

Email address
We confirm your reservation or order via email. We will mail you on the dates we expect a payment (or down payment), and we also confirm receipt of full payment via email. Shortly before you arrive on Texel, you will receive an email from us containing the latest tips for your holiday and, after your holiday is over, we will send you an email asking you to share your experiences during your holiday on Texel. After your stay, we will also send you an email asking you to rate your accommodation.

If you receive e mails from us, we record your interactions (open and click behaviour).

If you give your consent to do so, we will also send you the best newsletter from the Wadden Islands, giving you tips, sharing stories, and making special offers relating to Texel. Unsubscribing from this newsletter is also just a click away via customer service, every newsletter, or in My Texel.

Customer service
You can contact us by telephone, email, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp. We analyse the times we are contacted because that information helps us continually improve our service.

My Texel
If you place an order or make a reservation, you will automatically be registered with My Texel. My Texel contains personal data about you, such as your name, address, date of birth, telephone number, and log-in details. This account also keeps track of your previous holidays and orders.

You can help other holidaymakers by leaving a review. By sharing your experiences, you give others an even more accurate picture of an accommodation. We keep track of your reviews, and they can also be found in My Texel. Your city/town and the month of your stay are also displayed with your review on the site. We also use your nationality and type of travel companions to filter reviews.

Customised advice
We enjoy making you enthusiastic about visiting Texel, which is why we want to get to know you better. If you visit our site, like us on Facebook, or order something from us, we remember what you need. We do the legwork while you sit back and enjoy our attractive special offers, which we may communicate to you by email. We also use your data to improve our sites and to show you useful advertisements on Facebook and Twitter, for example.

Special personal data
We do not process special personal data.

Version: 28-09-2022

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