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Safe booking

When booking a holiday, you pay in advance and want to enjoy the anticipation with confidence. Booking your holiday via VVV Texel is safe and secure, thanks to the 5 certainties of VVV Texel.

1. Licensee of VVV Netherlands

On 22 February 1885, the first VVV was founded in café Walram in Valkenburg in South Limburg. After the start in Valkenburg, VVVs sprang up all over the Netherlands. Independent branches started working closely together from which the national umbrella organisation VVV Netherlands arose. The VVV License entitles you to use the VVV brand at physical locations and in (online) media statements about the destination.VVV Netherlands helps, supports and facilitates VVV and destination marketing organisations with the VVV License in achieving its hospitality and destination marketing goals.

2. SSL secured

The VVV Texel website is secure. You can recognise a secured website by the green lock at the top of your browser. Besides the green lock at the top of your browser, you can also recognise an SSL connection by the https at the beginning of the URL. Https stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. So the extra S at the end of http stands for secure. If you click on the padlock, you can check the details of the certificate and its issuer. An SSL certificate is mandatory if - like VVV Texel - you process personal data. Especially since the advent of the AVG, it is essential to see privacy and security of website visitors as a priority. Sensitive information such as address details or payment traffic is encrypted. This makes it a lot harder for cyber criminals to see or modify this data.

3. Shopping Secure

Shopping Secure is Thuiswinkel.org's international trustmark. Recipients of this trustmark comply with applicable laws and regulations in other European countries and show foreign customers that they can be trusted.

4. Pay safely with Mollie

You pay for your VVV Texel holiday via Mollie Payment Service Provider. Mollie is used by 130,000 companies worldwide. Your data are guaranteed to be stored on Dutch servers in extremely secure data centres. Mollie complies with all guidelines for the security of internet payments set by the European Banking Authority. Mollie is under permanent supervision of the Dutch Central Bank.

5. Well insured with Allianz Global Assistance

When preparing for your trip or holiday, good travel insurance should not be missing. For more than 50 years, Allianz Global Assistance has been the world's largest travel insurer and assistance provider. You are assured of fair claims handling in case of loss, theft or cancellation.

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