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Afke Jimmink

What do you do at VVV Texel?

I work at the counter, and I help guests to make a booking, which means the job is really varied. Sometimes you get people at the counter saying “Perhaps this is a really strange question but...” and then they ask what time the last ferry leaves. But I also had a lady at the counter one Saturday afternoon who had spent half the day looking for the beach, and she just couldn’t find it. Then you do have to ask yourself if you’re having your leg pulled, or if they really are serious!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I like going out with my children, and with my friend and her children. Picknicking on Texel, and then going back and forth on the cable ferry a couple of times. There’s a little kiosk at the cable ferry with coffee and tea and even cakes, with an honesty jar where you put in whatever money you think it’s worth. Great! Or catching crabs in the marina, and then heating up frankfurters on the playground barbecue, take a few bread-rolls along and away you go. It’s these small things I really enjoy a lot.

Afke Jimmink

employee Front Office

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