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Galerie Posthuys Texel

Galerie Posthuys Texel

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Brink 14
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Posthuys Gallery

Posthuys Gallery is not a gallery in the traditional sense, but rather a meeting place where modern artists, visitors and buyers get together.

The gallery exhibits modern art. Some artists base their designs on the landscape and the natural world: the beaches and dunes, the polders and the woods, birds and fish. These features are less easily recognisable in works by other artists, where the rhythm, handwriting, colour and skin, more specifically tangible, are also elements of nature.

The gallery has four rooms with four separate exhibitions which can each be viewed “without being disturbed”. This emphasises the particular ambience of the selection. The collection is based on a range of artists, who frequently exhibit new work and whose work is always available from the generous supply in the attic but a dozen of new artists are also introduced each year.

The gallery also has arrangements with other business, and as such, has been supplying works to Texelsuites and seafood restaurant 't Pakhuus in Oudeschild since 2006. Also exhibits art Bij Jef.

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