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Café de Slock

Café de Slock

Address details

Parkstraat 36
Telephone: +31222313161
Mobile: +31623895244




De Slock, a popular café in the center of Den Burg, with a glorious past. Home base for Texel and tourist.

A characteristic brown pub that still blooms, we find in the center of Den Burg on Texel. Café de Slock - open 365 days a year from 16:00 to close - is such a café where everyone feels at home without pretensions. The old-fashioned "cocktail hour" still flourishes in which all layers of the Texel population - from painters to lawyers and from fishing boats to accountants - enjoy a pleasant evening in full harmony. Moreover, the Slock has a wide range of specialty beers (more than 120 of the bottle) and with no less than 12 taps they have the most beers of the barrel on Texel.

They have also responded to the new trend by offering a wide choice of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers. Thanks to the wide range of specialty beer, many tourists now know how to find their way to the café. Strange are these "overkanters" but for a while. After a visit to the Slock they often return, they melt together with the Texelaars and feel the pub as their own tribal café elsewhere in the Netherlands. In the evening, and especially at the weekend, the old guard makes place for the youngsters who can go there until the late hours. De Slock is in short, as the regular guest and poet Theun de Winter puts it: The meeting place for young, old and grain jenever ".

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