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Restaurant Het Schoutenhuys

Restaurant Het Schoutenhuys

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Vismarkt 1
Telephone: +31222312041




Gerechies, culinary Texel at its best

Where justice used to be done, nowadays 'Gerechies' are enjoyed. At the Vismarkt in the centre of Den Burg is the former court building Het Schoutenhuys. The stately building dates from 1652 and is the oldest stone building on Texel. Nowadays, Het Schoutenhuys is a restaurant, where for several years now it has been possible to dine according to a concept that is as unique as it is original. Join us for 'Gerechies' van de Schout. A culinary surprise menu consisting of fourteen small dishes that take you along the entire palette of flavours.

Welcome, if you're looking for a nice table, I'll be right with you. From the moment you step inside it is clear that warmth, conviviality and quality go hand in hand. Cosy, approachable, but culinary at a very high level. Dirk Breedveld and his colleagues do everything in their power to make an evening at Het Schoutenhuys a tasteful and enjoyable experience. Given the many positive reactions on the restaurant's website, they succeed every evening. I think it's important that people feel comfortable being my guest,' says Breedveld. Our chef takes care of culinary delights and we take care of everything around it. If you choose Gerechies, you will be asked in advance whether there are any things you might not like as much. The chef takes this into account. You can do that very well. The variation is enormous. If someone comes here for dinner three times a week, we serve fourteen different Gerechies three times a week', Veltman says with pride. Of course, a good meal includes a good drink. Our wine list is one of the best on Texel. You can choose for yourself whether you would like to be surprised by me or my colleagues at each Gerechies. 'Anyone who thinks that Gerechies is not sufficient in quantity is mistaken. Compare it with a full-fledged four-course dinner'. The duration of the dinner will also be discussed. Whether people prefer long or short dinners, we adapt our service accordingly. I'm only satisfied when our guests go out with a smile'. Gerechies is always prepared using fresh products and preferably genuine Texel products. If you choose Gerechies for an evening, you choose a Texel culinary experience that is unparalleled on the island and that you will remember with pleasure for a long time to come. Gerechies van de Schout can be enjoyed for € 38.50. You can find Het Schoutenhuys at Vismarkt 1 in Den Burg. For more information or to book a table, please call 0222-321032 or visit

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