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Restaurant Het Schoutenhuys

Restaurant Het Schoutenhuys

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Groeneplaats 14
Telephone: +31222312041




Drink and Spice room ‘t Schoutenhuys

On the spot where the schout (sheriff) ate with his companions, is now a characteristic restaurant. The modern kitchen provides a glimpse to the VOC history. The chefs use a range of spices from the East. Eating in the ‘t Schoutenhuys is a definite adventure. We serve the greatest dishes, sized down. “Taste and experience Texel” receives a new dimension.

You can order various ‘Gerechies’ from the menu. Delicious mini dishes that can be enjoyed through out the evening. Baked mussels, stuffed lambs ham, an oyster with chutney or cheese fondue. Whatever you are served: they are piece-by-piece tasty bites. Sometimes a sturdy ‘bite’ and sometimes with an original character.

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