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Slagerij Goënga

Slagerij Goënga

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De Naal 1
Telephone: +31222729029




Sheep are an essential part of life on Texel, and the special breed of Texelaar sheep is famous all over the world, not least because of the lambs’ exceptionally good quality meat. The constant quality of its juicy meat and its first-rate, slightly salty, flavour mean that Texel lamb is a cut above other sorts.

Goënga Speciality Butcher’s
One place where you are sure to find genuine Texel lamb is Goënga Speciality Butcher’s in Den Hoorn. To start with, Goënga pioneered lamb but soon evolved to become the preferred Genuine Texel Lamb specialist. If you eat Genuine Texel lamb in a restaurant on Texel, it almost certainly came from Goënga Butcher’s shop.

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